Lapel Pins – Stick Pins – Cufflinks

Stick Pins
Stick Pins

Each of these designs uses a smaller uniform button. These cufflink and lapel pin designs use a new military button which has a hand beaded embellishment. The cufflinks have no bead embellishment unless custom ordered which would require additional charge.
This portfolio showcases my most popular material and color designs.  Each customer may choose from the choices shown or request a custom design. More tax, shipping, and ordering information at bottom page.

Lapel and Stick Pin Designs:   $50

Lapel Pins
Lapel Pins, click picture to enlarge

The bead embellishment is the same pattern on the small lapel pins, the stick pins, and the small button rings. Colors of all the beads can be customized. The pins can be made with or without the outer ring of crystals. The price for the Button Lapel or Stick Pin with no beading is $15. View Stick Pins and Lapel Pins at Joy Harmon Designs Facebook Military Stick Pins Album.

Cufflinks:   $20


Button sizes vary according to service branches. For the cufflinks these variations often determine how the button is mounted and the type of cufflink mount used. Cufflink mounts available in gold or silver colors. View Cufflinks at Joy Harmon Designs Facebook Military Rings, Cufflinks, Earrings Album.


ORDERING: For a larger variety of design pictures visit Joy Harmon Designs’ Facebook Military Stick Pins Album and Military Rings, Cufflinks, Earrings Album.  To order or make inquiries email Joy at   If you want a specific designs seen on this page it will be helpful when emailing to give the name of the design found above the picture(s) with the price.

TAX & SHIPPING: Price does not include Sales & Use Tax or Shipping charge. My standard shipping charge starts at $5 (increased if weight from multiple items deems necessary. Shipping is through USPS First Class with Tracking unless otherwise requested by customer.

I will not deface or change the color of the uniform button. All US services have gold colored uniform buttons except the US Air Force which has pewter colored buttons. The USMC also has black buttons in addition to their gold buttons. For more design pictures visit Joy Harmon Designs’ Facebook Military Stick Pins Album and Military Rings, Cufflinks, Earrings Album.

If a customer wishes for me to use one of their service member’s buttons please make that request when inquiring or ordering.

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